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ZzyxX Shoes Interview w/ Kyle Gaffney of "The Nooks"



First off- Thanks so much for stopping by.
No worries at all- good to be here. 
As we start off all chats, what's your shoe game like? 
I have a lot of shoes, but I am pretty picky with what I wear. 
So, you like wearing the Crooner. Why do you like the Crooners? 
I love suede and I love how they are a bit classier, but not too classy to go out in them. It's a good blend of things and it's well-made. 
Stoked to see you wear 'em! So your band is called "The Nooks".
How’d you guys get the name? 
Aaron, Chase, and I worked together and we would go camp out in vans at the beach overnight and play guitar, and we would just sleep in the vans and make nooks in the back of them. I remember getting asked if I had a band to fill in at a show. I would always jam with Chase and Aaron, so I knew they could play instruments and Chase said his twin brother, Grant, could fill in with us, so we formed a band and played some cover songs at the show. We didn't have a name yet, so we decided to call ourselves "The Nooks". After that show, we wanted to write our own songs, and we did...so I guess we kind of happened on accident.
And your latest release is an EP, so whats the new EP Called?
"The Nooks"- It's a self-titled EP. We didn't really want to give it a name it yet, because it's our first album and we don't really have a specific image. We’re just "The Nooks".
How long have you guys been playing? 
Aaron and I have played in multiple bands together since we were 10. Chase and Grant started jamming with us in my parents’ basement about 1 year and a half ago, so we've been a band for about a year.
Where did you guys Record this EP?  
Route 2 Recordings in LA. Ryan Frailich, from The Aquadolls, actually hit us up to come record with him and we had been looking for a studio at the time, so we did it. We had Zach Mouton mix it for us. Ryan also just started a record label called ‘Play-Yah Records’ and he helped promote our single, ‘The Devil,’ for us.
Creatively what have you guys been into?
We’ve been playing together for years and we’ve been into a lot of different styles of music, but I’m pretty happy with what we’re picking up on now. I think we are all getting to know what we like and growing on it. We’re finding a sound that people can dig, regardless if they listen to music of our influences or not. It has a universal appeal for all people. Every show, we see girls dancing and we want to make people dance. Our goal is to just make music that we would want to listen to.
Cool Cool- Band is from?
Aaron and I are from Anaheim Hills and grew up there. Chase and Grant grew up in Norco. 
Who Writes the music? / How does it work with you guys?
Some of the older songs, I would come up with a lead part or chord progression and expand on it. Some of the newer songs we created on the spot, kind of on accident, but we were satisfied with them, so Chase would write lyrics to them and we would just kind of mess around until we came up with a format we liked.
So what are some of your influences?
Surf and garage bands, 60’s Rolling Stones, The Doors, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Sublime, Grateful Dead, Black Keys, The Ventures. 
Where does your band get its aesthetic taste from? : 
I surf and the other guys skate. I always liked surf rock and the desert psychedelic sound. So we found a way to capture a surf tone and desert sound and we found that they blend really well together. It also reflects who we are, because I spend a lot of time at the beach and they're from a more inland, desert-type area.  
So finally, where can we find you? 
Instagram: @thenooksband

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