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Society Socks: Product Review


Shoes and socks go together like....well, you know. Because of this special relationship, we're really picky when it comes to socks. Yes, there are some "bigger, well known brands" who only specialize in socks and to be honest, I was really disappointed. To be fair, maybe they're just athletic socks and I'm not a kid so fluff doesn't impress me much. Also, I've tried some dress sock brands who were just too paper thin and I blew right through them. When I say I was disappointed, I'm not saying that the print/colors isn't on trend or the color combo's aren't good. In fact, the big sock brands nail the cosmetics of the socks. What I'm really talking about is the construction of the socks- the basic elements of any and all wearable goods. 

When I received the socks from Society Socks and slipped them on for the first time, I thought, "Hmmm..this is different". The reason why it's different was that the actual construction of the sock was well thought out and executed in manner which instantly stood out from the much larger sock brands. The toe seam is secure and pulls in tight when I slid my toes in. Then, when I slid my heel in, it hugs the heel and the pattern is cut so the shaft of the sock won't slide down and bunch up. As an amatuer sock snob, I call the socks which have this issue of the shaft falling as, "quitters". These are perhaps the most disappointing kinds of all socks and are instantly banished from my rotation.

Sock density/thickness is another important criteria for socks. Now, I'm not fan of "athletic socks" where the thickness is puffy and it feels like my foot is sweating, and shoes fit tighter and it feels like I'm wearing towels for socks. I like feeling the insole of the shoe as much as I can. Plus the shaft of some socks is so high that it usually goes over my calf. Society Socks has a nice thickness where it's not puffy so it's a thinner sock, but not annoyingly thin. It's the correct thickness for our kinds of shoes and I couldn't be happier. The shaft height is perfect where it goes mid shin or slightly below...perfect for all around wear. As much as I love the NBA in the 70's. I'm not wanting to hike my socks up this high on the daily. 

Besides being a great sock brand, Founders Felip Pejic and Sergey Sapelnyk also have a social cause as well to they're brand. They donate a pair to the Toronto Homeless shelter when you purchase a pair, so it's a cause you can get behind for the good people of Toronto.

I really wanted to believe that the new big sock brands were superior, but after wearing Society Socks I'm resolute that it's all about construction for me. Judging a sock by the print only is shortsighted- give me best construction. Society Socks are great socks for us based on this. 

Check 'em out...this cut of socks is perfect for our shoes.



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